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Ocean Food Customers can now access our customer loyalty system to save money on future orders through redeeming points gained from interacting with us on social media, making orders, introducing friends, celebrating your birthday with us, and more!

All customers who wish to use this system may automatically be signed up to our rewards system by creating an account on our website. From then on, all orders made from this account and email address will be rewarded points for every completed order. 

3월을 맞아 오션 푸드에서 친구추천 행사를 새로이 선보입니다!
오션 푸드 웹사이트를 친구들에게 추천하시고, 로열티 포인트에서 추가로 할인을 받으세요!

오션 푸드 웹사이트에 가입하신 후 친구들에게 링크를 보내거나, SNS 에서 공유해주세요!

$100 이상 첫 주문 시,
추천 받은 친구들은 즉시 $10 디스카운트!
추천하신 고객님도 $10 크레딧!
추천 친구수 무제한!

가장 많은 친구들 추천하신 분에게도 선물이 준비되어 있습니다!

자세한 사항은 아래를 클릭해주세요!










在您注册成为会员之后,您将会收到一个链接,您可以发送给朋友或者分享在社交媒体上(Wechat微信,Red Book小红书,Skykiwi天维网,Facebook,Twitter ,Line,Ins......),因此新客户订货️$100将会得到$10的折扣优惠和奥克兰各地免费配送。与此同时,当新客户第一单下单成功后,作为介绍人的您也同样会在下一个订单(金额️$100)上得到一个$10的折扣优惠作为奖励。





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how to sign up

1. click the "log in" button

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You can gain points through various ways. 

Firstly, you will receive 2 points per $1 spent on each of their orders. For example, making an order of $100 will provide you 200 points once that order has been completed and delivered.

You may also gain points by liking and following us on Facebook and Instagram for 150 points each, for 300 total. Navigate our Rewards interface and click on the follow social media bubbles to be led directly to our page! 

Lastly, we reward you 500 points on your birthday! Let us know of you birthday at least a month before and we'll reward these points to you automatically to get an easy discount on your next order.

All these points can be redeemed instantly by clicking the redeem option on the interface. Upon redeeming an option, you will be provided a discount code that you can use at checkout to save money on your next order! 


For the month of March, we're trialing a new referral system!

The rewards interface provides each user with a unique link to send to friends and family who have not yet made an order with us to save $10 on their next order over $100.  


Once your friend uses the link, they will be able to input their email address to claim the code to receive the $10 discount.


Once they have made their first order using the discount, you will also receive a discount code via email that will allow you to save $10 on your next order over $100. That's free next-day delivery AND a $10 discount!

Note: Any users found attempting to abuse this system by way of self-referring will be removed from the Rewards Program. 

Note: Due to our free shipping policy being on orders only over $100, you may be charged a $15 shipping fee on checkout if you use the discount with a total under $110. When sending payment and using a referral link for orders over $100, you may send the sum minus the $15 fee. 

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