Ocean Food & Service는 MPI에 등록된(MPI000605/1) 육류 및 수산물의 가공, 보관, 유통(배달)업체로 COVID-19 LEVEL 4 기준에 따른 Essential Service 해당 업체입니다. 정부지침에 따라 MPI에 “Safe Practice”등록을 하고 엄격한 위생관리하에 생산, 포장된 상품을 콜드체인으로 가정배달서비스를 시작합니다. 힘들고 무료한 자가격리기간중 체력관리와 Corona Virus감염 원천차단에 미력하나마 도움이 되었으면 합니다.

Running low on meat but don’t want to queue outside supermarkets? In order to help our collective efforts in reducing social interaction, Ocean Food & Services is now offering online ordering for home delivery! We are a MPI registered (MPI000605/1) wholesale distributor of quality meat and seafood. Following the COVID ALERT level 4 guidelines, we’ve toughened our manufacturing process to provide MPI’s COVID-19 SAFE PRACTICE for both our workers and community.

家裡肉類存貨告急但不想去超市排隊?為減低社會互動減少細菌傳播,Ocean Food & Service現已提供上網訂購和送貨服務。 我們是MPI (MPI 100605/1)註冊肉類海鮮批發公司。我們根據政府Covid alert level 4的指引,採取嚴格的安全措施,為顧客提供安全和高質素的肉類。

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