Premium Gift Set

Premium Gift Set

Feeds 2-3. The perfect gift for your friends and loved ones to enjoy a meal consisting of our most premium products on offer.



  • Premium Wagyu Slice (Gold) Thin, Frozen, 300g

  • Beef Premium Fresh Ribs ( 편갈비) Freshly Cut, 600g

  • Marinated Beef Premium LA Ribs (양념 고급 LA 갈비) Prime Steer, 500g

  • Pork Belly Honeycomb Cut (벌집 삼겹살) Honeycomb Cut, 500g

  • Whole Tiger Prawn 21/25, 800g

  • Enoki Mushroom (팽이버섯) 100g

  • Shiitake Mushroom (표고버섯) 100g


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